Be Free from Vaginal Candidiasis

Although not dangerous, candidiasis vaginalis can cause discomfort due to vaginal itching and burning. The complaint is even felt severe enough to interfere with the sufferer’s daily activities. Candidiasis vaginalis is generally not a serious disease and may only require simple treatment. You can be free from this disease by visiting our website and get yeast infection no more.

Candidiasis vaginalis is a fungal infection caused by the Candida fungus. This fungus can live in various places in the body, such as the mouth, throat, intestines, skin folds, and vagina, and is usually harmless even though it feels quite annoying. Under normal conditions, this fungus does live in the vaginal area, but in only a small amount. However, under certain conditions, this fungus can thrive and thrive. When the amount of Candida yeast is too much, it can cause infection in the vagina and cause candidiasis vaginalis.

One of the reasons for this disease is the side effect of antibiotic treatment, especially in long-term antibiotic use. This happens because these antibiotic drugs can change the balance of the number of other germs, including good bacteria in the vagina so that the number of Candida yeast becomes more and increases the risk of yeast infection in the vagina. Apart from the side effects of antibiotics, candidiasis vaginalis is also more at risk for women who are pregnant or pregnant, are overweight, and suffer from diabetes.

Avoid using underwear made from synthetic materials, such as nylon, because this material is difficult to absorb sweat. Instead, you can use underwear made of cotton which is more comfortable and absorbs sweat well. Also, make it a habit to quickly change into wet or damp clothes after swimming, exercising, or sweating. To treat candidiasis vaginalis, you are not recommended to use vaginal douches. If used too often, vaginal cleansers can actually remove good bacteria that can protect the vagina, so that the fungus that causes candidiasis vaginalis will continue to grow.

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