Do You Want To Know How To Make Emoji Glass Coasters?

Let’s make interesting creations with your little one! One of them is to make coasters or coasters. Coasters can be made attractive by imitating a round emoji expression. Mama Papa and your little one can choose in advance which funny emojis are interesting to draw. How to make coasters is not difficult. It also does not require a lot of materials and is difficult to find. However, if you want to give nice coasters as gifts for someone and you don’t have time to make them, we recommend you order some of the best gift coasters.

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What are you waiting for? Come on, find out how to make it!

Materials needed:
Coasters as a pattern
Acrylic paint
Color markers
Sponge sheets (can be purchased at bookstores or e-commerce)
The cardboard is yellow
Sticker paper

How to make emoji image coasters

– Prepare sponge sheets and coasters
– Print the coasters to form a pattern of 8 pieces
– Use the yellow cardboard and make the same pattern
– Cut out the pattern on the sheet of yellow sponge or cardboard
– On yellow cardboard, first, create the desired emoji expression using a pencil
– Bold and color the emoji expression picture with a marker
or acrylic paint
– Attach the cardboard pieces to the sponge sheet by using the double tap on the cardboard, and glue on the sponge sheet
– Make a pattern on the sticker paper
– Glue the sticker paper on the top of the coasters
– Cut the sticker paper to follow the shape
– The coasters are ready to use!

With homemade coasters, of course, it will be even more interesting! Encourage the child to make it because this is an activity that can increase their creativity! We hope you try this idea soon, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to make emoji glass coasters. However, if you want to have drinking coasters that match your taste and they come with high-quality, perhaps you should order some coasters from the best custom merchandise store online!

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