Relationship between Anime and Manga

Anime and manga are two terms that are often associated. The two terms refer to one thing in common, namely the cartoon style that originated in Japan. Although both are media for visual stories, anime and manga are terms that have different meanings. You can make the Coolest anime characters on our website.

Anime is a term for Japanese-style cartoons that are presented in the media of films or television series. Anime has a dynamic that is created from the character’s voice and background music that is o the storyline.

Meanwhile, manga is actually intended for print media that only contains pictures and writing, such as comics or graphic novels. The characters that appear in manga and light-colored are depicted with large eyes and light-colored hair.

Compared to anime, the stories presented in manga tend to be longer and more detailed. This is because manga presents it through comics or graphic novels consisting of dozens, tens, even hundreds of series or volumes.

As for anime, it requires more time and production costs. So that it has a storyline that is shorter and less profound. The storyline and the development of the characters in it are made shorter because it adjusts to the number of episodes and the duration to be aired.

The term manga comes from the original word in Japanese which consists of two syllables man- which means random, and -ga which means picture. Meanwhile, anime is not the original Japanese word. The word used for this term was originally animeshiyon which is an uptake of the word animation in English which means a collection of moving into ages.

So far, people often and like to equate animated films. with a cartoon. Not all, ted films are called cartoons, example like anime, as we have already mentioned in the definition of anime above, anime is a term for animated films made in Japan.

These anime and manga have a large audience in Japan, besides that, they are also very well known in the world, distributors can release anime through TV broadcasts, or also stream broadcasts via the internet.

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